LASIK - Why It's Right For YOU!

LASIK is the most frequently performed elective surgery in North America! This highly effective outpatient procedure is often referred to as refractive surgery or laser vision correction, and it’s designed to relieve you of your full time dependence on glasses and contacts. LASIK eye surgery is used to correct the following vision problems:
  • Myopia (near-sightedness)
  • Hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  • Astigmatism (“football” shaped)

Dr. Qualls and Dr. McGarry have worked with LASIK patients since the procedure came to Richmond over 20 years ago. Our experience puts us in the best position to understand each patient’s complex visual needs, and give the best care and advice before and after laser eye surgery. Our job is to advise you so that you are not just “sold” on LASIK, but also educated on the pros and cons of ALL of your options.

If you’ve made the decision to pursue LASIK, you are probably excited to take the next step toward your best vision. You may have researched the details oLASIK surgery itself, so now it’s time to seek out a LASIK provider.  It is important to research providers in order to find one with the most experience, the newest technology, and the best outcomes. We know the LASIK surgeons who consistently have the best outcomes.  We carefully advise patients to stay away from those who “talk a good talk,” but leave patients disappointed with no hope for a lifetime of good vision.

It’s important to find a provider who is committed to you and your vision—not just now, but in the future as well. Your visual needs may change with time. If you were to need a retreatment or an enhancement down the road, you should know that your provider will be available with a “Lifetime Commitment.” You need a provider that will stand by you even beyond the retirement of your surgeon, and will provide "touch-ups” at no charge for the rest of your life! 

For an evaluation of your specific LASIK needs and to help you find the best surgeon, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Qualls or Dr. McGarry. 

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