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Keeping your child’s eyes healthy and their vision clear is a priority of the Swift Creek Eye Center optometry staff. At their Midlothian, Virginia, office, the team provides customized services that focus on the unique needs of children, including routine eye exams and vision assessments. The staff can also create a treatment plan for early signs of eye health issues to protect your child’s vision, and they offer a wide variety of eyeglasses and contact lens options for children and teens. To schedule a pediatric eye care appointment, call Swift Creek Eye Center today.

Pediatric Eye Care Q & A

What pediatric eye care services are available?

To address the unique vision and eye health needs of growing children, the team at Swift Creek Eye Center offers specialized, pediatric-focused services, including:

  • Eye exams
  • Vision screenings
  • Early intervention and treatments

The goal of pediatric eye care services is to monitor any vision changes or identify potential eye health concerns in the earliest stages. By ensuring good vision in your children, you also have an impact on your child’s success at school, at home, and in all other areas of their life.

When should my child have an eye exam?

While many schools offer routine vision screenings for children, these screenings aren’t always enough to identify underlying medical issues that affect eye health. As your child grows, their eye health can change over time. The purpose of a pediatric eye exam is to correct vision issues while the brain is still flexible. As kids grow into adults, vision issues become more difficult to change.

The optometry team at Swift Creek Eye Center recommends all children receive their first eye exam before the age of 5. Your child may even need an evaluation earlier if they show signs that their vision isn’t clear or symptoms of underlying medical issues.

Early evaluations not only promote good eye health and vision, they also allow your child the opportunity to have a positive experience at the eye doctor.

What can I expect during my child’s first pediatric eye exam?

During your child’s initial appointment, the Swift Creek Eye Center team takes the time to understand your child’s personal and family medical history. This information helps the staff evaluate your child’s risk factors for certain eye conditions related to heredity and chronic illnesses, like diabetes or high blood pressure.

As part of your child’s first appointment, the Swift Creek Eye Center performs a comprehensive eye exam, evaluating the overall health and function of their eyes. This is important for identifying early signs of eye conditions, like a torn or detached retina.

Your child also receives a comprehensive vision exam to determine if they’re seeing clearly up-close and far away. In the event your child needs eyeglasses to improve their vision, the Swift Creek Eye Center staff can customize prescription lenses, and they offer a large selection of designer frames on-site for kids of all ages. The team also provides contact lenses suitable for older kids.


Your Swift Creek Eye Center provider also recommends the right timeline for routine eye exams and vision assessments based on your child’s health needs, vision needs, and overall health to help you stay on top of your child’s eye health.

Learn more about available pediatric eye care services by scheduling an appointment over the phone at Swift Creek Eye Center today.