Myopia Control

CRT can allow your nearsighted child to leave home and view all the fine details of the world with no eyeglasses or contacts. And best of all, CRT lenses reduce the rapid increase in myopia.

Before bedtime, your child will insert the CRT lenses, which are specialized, gas permeable lenses. While sleeping, these contacts will gently mold her cornea into a new shape, correcting the refractive error causing myopia. In the morning, they remove the lenses and enjoy sharp vision all day long. The effects typically last one to two days, so these ortho-k lenses must be worn regularly for consistent results.

It’s great for athletes or people who suffer from allergies because CRT provides clear vision all day without using glasses or contacts.

Ortho-k, which has been around for many years, offers an effective non-surgical way for nearsighted people to have clear vision without wearing eyeglasses or inserting daytime contact lenses. CRT lenses, made by Paragon and FDA-approved in 2002, are an advanced version of ortho-k lenses constructed from newer materials.

At the Swift Creek Eye Center we have been fitting CRT lenses since they were first approved. We have many patients who have been enjoying the freedom of not needing correction all day long.

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